Tree Reports in Leeds, Wetherby & Harrogate

Tree Surveys Leeds, Harrogate, WetherbyBardsey Tree Services provide expert tree surveys and tree reports across the Leeds, Harrogate, Knaresborough & Wetherby areas.

What type of tree survey do I need?

Our tree surveys and tree reports detail specific information about an individual tree or site. We provide several type of tree survey dependent on your requirements. Our tree reports can be used to validate a planning application or assess the risk a tree may present to your property or the public

Please click on the links below to read more about the four main types of tree report we offer:

Planning Application Tree Survey

A tree survey and report produced for planning applications must follow the recommendations set out in British Standard BS5837: 2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction. Our tree surveys and tree reports are produced for planning applications conform to BS5837: 2012 and are suitable for all development and construction projects. This type of tree survey is often requested by the local planning authority to validate a planning application.

Find help and guidance on planning applications for trees in Leeds by clicking on the link below,-guidance-notes-and-validation-criteria.aspx

A Tree survey is intended to highlight the tree constraints, and detail how the better quality trees may be protected from construction activity throughout the development process.

A planning application tree survey may also include technical information required to show how trees will be protected, which is detailed in an Arboricultural Method Statement, and presented on a Tree Protection Plan. This information can prove critical to ensuring that trees remain healthy throughout development. This type of survey report can be used as supporting evidence when pursuing planning application permission by providing the local planning authority with evidence of tree protection, thereby demonstrating a commitment to sustainable development.

Safety & Risk Management Tree Survey

Bardsey Tree Services can provide a tree survey to identify potential tree hazards, and advise how best to reduce and manage any risk posed to people or property. This type of tree survey will also recommend required tree works to maintain the trees in a safe and healthy condition. Our surveys can range from individual trees to large scale areas.

Homebuyer and Building Damage Tree Report

If trees are especially close to a built structure they may pose a potential risk to that structure via direct damage. Some trees may have poisonous foliage, structural defects or other hazardous conditions that may cause concern for mortgage lenders or property insurers. Mortgage lenders may request that a tree report is produced if there are sufficient concerns regarding a nearby tree. Our homebuyer tree reports prove useful to identify any tree problems, and propose tree works to mitigate any unacceptable risk to property or public.

Subsidence Damage Tree Report

If a tree has been implicated in subsidence damage, a subsidence damage tree report will be required. The depth and location of foundations as well as the type and age of tree, soil type and any shrinkage potential will be considered and included in the our report. Godwin’s have many years of experience assessing the involvement of trees in clay shrinkage subsidence and providing management solutions to tree subsidence problems. We are also able to discuss subsidence tree issues with third party tree owners and other tree professionals on your behalf.

What’s involved in a Tree Survey?

A tree survey will typically record tree location, species, age, dimensions, condition and suggested works. The information gathered is used to assess the condition of a tree or population of trees within and surrounding a particular site. Once completed, the tree survey results are used to produce a tree report and make recommendations.

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