Tree Stump Removal Leeds

tree stump removal leeds

Bardsey Tree Services provide Tree Stump Grinding and Tree Stump Removal in Leeds and surrounding areas.

Using our wide range of the latest stump grinders we safely remove tree stumps to make way for new plantings, or to prevent the spread of disease from fungus’s and pathogens such as honey fungus.

Stump grinding is far more effective than other methods such as mechanical digging, winching or poisoning and also much cheaper and safer. If you are fed up of tripping on that annoying tree stump give us a call and we can arrange a quote. Quite often you will be able to send us a photo and we can provide you with an estimate to remove the tree stump in question after viewing the photo.

Professional Tree Stump Grinders in Leeds with the Latest Machinery

Stump grinding Leeds

Our range of stump grinders in Leeds can access confined area with poor access and deal with even the most difficult and cumbersome stumps.

We provide an efficient, safe and effective stump grinding service to both commercial and residential customers, dealing with any type of Tree Stump.

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